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AscoService was founded in 2002 in Zug, one of the most dynamic regions and in one of the most inviting areas of Switzerland, with the aim to collect trust services, capital market and financing services and international trading within a single platform.
Our teams offer support activities to companies with targeted consultancy in the field of tax, business and strategic corporate consultancy. Study, analysis and corporate tax consultancy are carried out through our offices that processes dynamically data and perspectives.
AscoService processes, through analysis and market research, a trading system aimed at finding buyers, investors and selected partners.

We measure our success by our client’s success.

Business development

Our development is founded on organic growth and expansion. Central to this, we actively seek to invest in partnerships with customers, commodity producers and service providers.

We create value

We create value by providing products and services that help companies to improve their business and fuel economic growth.
AscoService’s purpose – empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business- is reflected in AscoService’s structure, strategy, values and behaviours.

Risk management

AscoService has diversified its business in a wide spectrum of services focus on clients.
A key success factor is our extensive risk management culture

Ethics and Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct serves as the hallmark of AscoService’s commitment to ensuring that all employees maintain the highest level of ethics, integrity and transparency in the performance of their individual and collective roles and responsibilities.

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