The anonymous company

This type of company must be considered with a minimum capital of Swiss francs 100,000.-, freeing at least on the basis of CHF. 50,000.-, and divided into bearer or nominative shares. To understand the society, at least three promoters must be present, who can have any kind of nationality and can be both legal and physical persons. The majority of the members of the board of directors, must possess the Swiss passport or have their domicile in Switzerland. For this reason, our foreign clients are entrusted with the task of residing on the board of directors in their place. The company must be kept under control by an auditor. Shareholders’ meetings must take place in Switzerland, as well as meetings of the board of directors. On the dividends granted to shareholders, the Confederation receives the tax “withholding tax” of 35%, which can in any case be recovered according to the international rights subscribed by the double taxation.