Ascoservice establishes and administers various types of entities. The administration of these entities is completed in our offices in Zug.

Depending on the assets involved and the tax planning objectives, entities in separate jurisdictions are incorporated.

Ascoservice has no limitation as to the type of activity, among which they represent the following:

  • Holding company
  • Business
  • Private property
  • Real estate
  • Establishment of legal entities involves significant legal and tax consequences for what we recommend reclaiming the assistance of local lawyers and accountants.

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    Drafting of various types of contracts

    – Budgets, cash management
    – Advisory and financial management
    – Drafting of contracts, conventions, etc.

    We employ qualified staff, including auditors and accountants.

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    Payroll preparation

    – Tax returns preparation
    – Tax planning

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    Real Estate Accounting

    – Real Estate administration
    – Preparation of financial statements and periodic reports
    – Accounting and tax consulting for companies and individuals
    – VAT procedures
    – Wage issues with employees

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    Accounting consultancy

    – Tax advice for individuals and companies
    – Insurance consulting with emphasis on tax savings
    – Consulting in the field of administrative organization
    – Advisory on the tax aspects of particular situations
    – Accounting supervision

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    Conditions to qualify for holding status

    Companies whose main statutory purpose is to manage their partecipations on a long-term basis and which have no commercial activity in Switzerland, benefit from the cantonal holding status when these partecipations or their returns represent at least two thirds of total assets or revenues. The capital benefits that come from participations also form part of the income from partecipations.

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    The term “Holding” refers to those companies whose main object is the management of partecipations in other companies. It is sufficient that the majority of the assets consist of holding shares and the revenues come mainly from participation income. In this case, the holding company will only pay a particularly low tax on capital, which is practically inconsistent.

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    Holding in Liechtenstein

    The Principality of Liechtenstein, with which our company maintains close partnerships, is an excellent solution to hold and manage investments in foreign companies or assets through a company registered there.

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    Capital Cantonal tax

    At cantonal and municipal levels, companies benefiting from holding status are subject to a special tax rate. The cantonal tax rate on the holding company’s capital is 0.02% (0.01% for the part of the capital exceeding CHF 500 million). The municipal tax varies between 30% and 100% of the cantonal tax and this depends on the Swiss municipality in which the company is based. It is important to know that there is no federal capital tax.

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    Securities brokerage or private banking

    The fees that can be reduced are: taxes on CFC, taxes on foreign earnings, taxes on business income and accumulated earnings. In addition to legally reducing taxes, holding structures allow beneficiaries to enjoy maximum confidentiality.

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    In the same way of the real estate it will be possible to assign the ownership of a boat to an offshore company reducing the payment of the taxes due to a future sale and the taxes connected to the possession of the boat.

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    Real estate

    Many of the expenses associated with owning a property can be reduced if the owner of the property is an offshore company. The sale of the property takes place simply by transferring the shares of the company that owns it from the seller to the purchaser, eliminating the long purchase and sale procedures and saving on sales taxes and notary fees. In this way the absolute anonymity of the transaction is guaranteed and the seller and the buyer remain unknown to third parties.

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