AscoService was founded in 2002 in Zug, in one of the most dynamic regions and in one of the most inviting areas of Switzerland, with the aim to collect trust services, capital market and financing services and international trading within a single platform.

Our teams offer support activities to companies with targeted consultancy in the field of tax, business and strategic corporate consultancy. Study, analysis and corporate tax consultancy are carried out through our offices that processes dynamically data and perspectives.

AscoService processes, through analysis and market research, a trading system aimed at finding buyers, investors and selected partners.


From a fiscal point of view, the Canton of Zug can rightly be called the Swiss paradise.

A decisive advantage offered by Zug’s tax office is not only favorable taxation, but also, in general, an open and non-bureaucratic attitude of the cantonal tax authorities towards taxpayers.
This is also why in the canton there is Switzerland’s highest concentration of anonymous companies in relation to the number of residents.


We have installed ourselves in Zug in order to allow our business and our business partners to prosper.

Our Backgrounds

Financial Services 87%
Tax & Legal 75%
Industry 63%
Energy & Commodity Trading 50%